Our Services

Executive Sound Post-Production Company

Sound Supervision

Personalized supervision throughout the entire artistic, technical and administrative sound post-production chain. With dedicated sound supervisor and project manager, negotiation and drafting of contracts (actors, artistic directors), meeting your production requirements.


An in-house team of experienced re-recording mixers for the mixing of your Cinema and TV projects.

Sound Design

A passionate team of sound editors who combine creativity and professionalism.
To provide your project’s sound the scope it deserves. With Dialog Editing and Sound Design.

Time for Immersive Audio

Immersive Contents

Immerse your audience in a universe related to the film projected on screen. For a new kind of experience, during your events and previews, we develop tailor-made pre-shows.

DTS X for your Movies

Take advantage of 3D sound in theaters for the international market. As a DTS X certified studio, we make your movie compatible.

Dolby Atmos Sound

Immerse your audience into the movie in 360° with Dolby Atmos. We are Theater and Home-Atmos certified. Whether for the big or the small screen, we make your soundtracks in 3D.

An On-Demand Service


To provide your special guests a special welcome, we offer a VIP service. We take care of all the logistics (travel, catering …). Private screening rooms. Arrangements for shootings, interviews…

Source Connect

Working at a distance has become the norm in our business. We are fully equipped for remote collaboration.

Studios Network

Our studios and those of our partners allow us to meet the needs of international productions.

Music, surrounded


We collaborate with composers in order to meet the needs of music production in the movie industry.

Mixing in Atmos

What could be better than your music in Atmos? Whether it’s for a concert event in theaters, your movie soundtrack, or a 3D binaural platform release, we embellish your music.

7.1 & Atmos Mixing

Your musical soundtrack becomes extraordinary when it is mixed especially for theaters.
– Mixing of original music in 7.1 and Atmos sound stage
– Composition, arrangements, music recordings

A Complete Panel 


Our recording studios welcome voice creation, dubbing or ADR of your project, anywhere!

Commercial and Trailers

Sound creation from A to Z for your ads and trailers, for maximum impact with your audience.

Audio Deliveries Compliance

We manage your assets with maximum care.
From aquisition to delivery.
– Conforming, transcoding, audio conversion
– Secure transfers
– Delivered to European and International standards