That’s it. At last, immersive sound within the reach of most people. Apple has just launched immersive sound on its iPhone with Airpods. 🎧

“47% of streaming videos are consumed on smartphones” (IAS Studies, 2020)
No more sentences like: “You have to equip yourself with home cinema”. Few compatible theaters”…
Airpods are one of the world’s best-selling Bluetooth headsets. Just play a Dolby Atmos program on your iPhone and your headphones play the content as if you were in a movie theater; the sound revolves around you by following the movements of your head.

How does it work?!
The applications are updated as you go along to welcome this new feature from iOS14.
All programs in Dolby Atmos will now be compatible on the iPhone and will allow you to simulate a home cinema in your ears!
Immersive sound is for us the new standard for sound broadcasting. It enhances the video experience and captivates the listener 🤩
Piste Rouge is 100% compatible with these formats, and our teams are trained for these new technologies.