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Piste Rouge is an audio production company specialized in sound design, voice creation and music and mixing for feature films, animation, series and television.

Bruno Seznec & Sebastien Ariaux
Raphael Seydoux dans l'Audi 1


Created in 2000 by Bruno Seznec, Piste Rouge is based in Paris, Clichy, Angoulême, and Brussels. With more than 250+ projects, we have in our DNA the ability to manage volume and compliance of the requirements thanks to our permanent Talents & Studios.


We can welcome you into a warm environment with high-end technologies  and the ability to receive most VIP guests.

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We go global

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We are present internationally in order to provide you with financing solutions and to be eligible for regional aid such as the Tax Shelter of Belgium and the aid of the French Charentaise Region in Angoulême.

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The last realisations of our team


This well-received production by Cartoon Saloon was created in Dolby Atmos for AppleTV+ streaming platform, from Sound Design and Voice Creation to Mastering.


We have made the mixing in Dolby Atmos of Lomepal concert at the Accord Hotel Arena, displayed then in 100 theaters in France for an immersive experience.

Belle Fille

Miou-Miou is back ! A complete post-production signed by our Team.

Effacer l'historique

The last creation from the renowned Gustave Kervern and Benoît Delépine has been made here with us.

We Work with Them

Present worldwide, we can answer to every production needs with our trusted studio partners.


Besides our owned studios, we work with studios all around the world so that every project has its solution.


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